When do you send the mail out? When do I get leads coming in?

Our typical production and mailing schedule, the one we've found works the best for our clients, is to have your mail pieces go out on Friday of each week, so that they'll hit mailboxes the following Monday.  That way, you'll receive the leads from each week's mailing starting with a larger burst on Monday, and then tapering off over the rest of the week.  This gives you all week long to respond and follow up on these leads, without having to allow the leads to get too stale over a non-working weekend.  

Because we mail on Fridays, if you want your mail run next week, your campaign needs to be finalized and mail credits paid up by the Wednesday at 9pm ET preceding the week you want to receive the leads.  If you miss this deadline, you'll have to wait until the following week to get your campaign going.  

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