Why do you need my address?

We use your address as the return address on the mail pieces we send on your behalf to your target zip codes.  The postal service requires the use of a return address on all first class mail, this would include the mail we send.  

We have to use a return address that is local to your target area - this improves response rates.  And since we don't have a company address in each one of our client's target areas, we use your address.  

It is advised for you to provide us with a business address or P.O. Box - anything but your home address.  This is for safety and privacy reasons.  It is not required that you do this, we can certainly use your home address if you want.  But we advise clients not to do that because these mailings are going out to a lot of strangers, some of whom you may not want them to have your home address!  

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